GlobalCom Holding (GlobalCom), established in 1992, is a leading provider of Public Telecommunications solutions through its operating subsidiaries:

GDS is the largest Lebanese Broadband Data Carrier operating an independent Wireless Network, a nationwide DSL access network through an unbundling agreement with the Public Operator and is deploying a FTTH network through a RoW and Interconnect agreement with the Public Operator. GDS is the local partner of British Telecom for the BT Global Network Node in Lebanon.

IDM and Cyberia are the two leading Internet service Providers of the Lebanese market with a leading share in both the residential and corporate markets.

Econet sal and CableVision are a pay TV Distribution Networks offering services across all types of platforms MVDs, IPTV, etc ...

Right & Rights sal is a content aggregator with exclusive deals with major international & regional TV content providers.

In a continuous quest to provide its customers with the best offerings, Econet, along with Right & Rights, have entered into a definitive acquisition agreement with Cablevision. This acquisition brings together the best in the industry, providing users with world-class content and an outstanding customer service.

GlobalCom benefits from strong synergies with the minority partners in its operating companies, Oger Telecom, a global Telecom player, TeleInvest, a diversified group with operations in the energy and Telecom sectors and Lunasat, an active player in the satellite communications business.

These synergies give GlobalCom its competitive edge and a keen insight into the Telecommunications Sector. The coactions between GlobalCom's operating companies established the Group as a leader in Broadband, Internet and convergent communications solutions while ensuring its services were keenly attuned to customer needs.

GlobalCom constantly invests in the collaboration of its shareholders and partners to provide superior customer service.

Our Timeline

  • Data Management was created

    September 1995

    Data Management was the first company to activate a public access to the Internet over a x.25 circuit in September 1995.

  • Inconet was created

    December 1995

    Inconet activated the first dedicated access to the public Internet in December 1996.

  • Cyberia was created

    May 1996

    Cyberia was the first ISP in Lebanon to launch pre paid cards to internet subscribers, this service became highly popular.

  • DataSat And DataNet were created.

    December 1996

    DataSat and DataNet were the first companies to receive a telecom Infrastructure License from the Lebanese government, heralding a new era of liberalization of telecom services in Lebanon

  • GlobalCom was created

    January 1998

    GlobalCom was created in 1998 to hold the telecom services companies within one group.

  • Data Management and Inconet merged to create IDM under Globalcom

    January 2001

    IDM became the undisputed leader in Internet services in Lebanon.

  • Cyberia and TSI are under Globalcom

    August 2011

    Cyberia formally joined the GlobalCom group in August 2011 and the Call center was split off into TSI, a separate legal entity.

  • Right & Rights and Econet are under Globalcom

    August 2016

    GlobalCom extended its operation to enter the pay TV fusion by acquiring Econet and Right & Rights and created a group offering comprehensive services benefits to the customers.

  • CableVision is under Globalcom

    November 2017

    In November 2017 Cablevision joined GlobalCom Group to provide with Econet and Right & Rights a comprehensive pay TV solution.