Globalcom CSR Initiative with @Hona.Beirut

“IDM a GlobalCom Company took Corporate Social responsibility to another level, not only it reused its own billboards material to reduce waste that is caused from branding and campaign material, but it also took a brave stand in supporting young entrepreneurs with a solid Social & Cultural cause.

IDM has partnered with @Hona.Beirut, the Social & Cultural hub that caters for Beirut’s most marginalized neighborhoods such as Tarik Jdideh, Shatila and many more, to help build a stronger connection between the youth and giving them access to skills and opportunities that they otherwise wouldn’t have.

This innovative environmental initiative in support of a Social & Cultural cause has contributed to Hona Beirut project to transform a plot of land that was used as a dump, into a beautiful green space that is accessible to everyone every day, unlike most parks in Beirut which are off-limits for most of us! GlobalCom Holding is ardently committed to its CSR program, serving our community is at the core of our business. Together we can Make it Better!”