Right & Rights

Right & Rights is a content aggregator the exclusive distributor of major channels like the OSN network, MBC channels, M6, 6Ter, W9, TIJI, GULLI and the MediaGates channels. Most of our channels are in native English and French language, and available in HD. The key genres are general entertainment, sports, movies, documentary, kids, news and others.

For more than a decade of operation in Lebanon, the three pillars that determined our DNA were our investment in R & R, the constant pursuit of improvement in productivity through state-of-the-art technology, and our passion for quality. As the content distribution arm of Globalcom, our main focus is acquiring the exclusive carriage and redistribution rights of the leading TV and Satellite channels as well as building a blockbuster VOD library to be redistributed to the cable operators and IPTV platforms across the Lebanese territory.